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A1 Movers es la segunda de las tres calificaciones de Cambridge English diseñada para estudiantes jóvenes. Estas pruebas introducen a los niños al inglés escrito y hablado todos los días y son una excelente manera de ganar confianza y mejorar su inglés.

Cambridge English: KEY (KET)

Difficulty level: A2 elementary
The Key English Test is the easiest of the Cambridge exams.

Who is it for?
Do this test if you want to know your studies have started well and you have a basic knowledge of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

What is the KET test like?
The test has three sections:

  1. Reading & Writing - 70 minutes, 56 questions
  2. Listening - 25 minutes
  3. Speaking - 8-10 minutes

There are two versions of the KET test:

  1. KET
  2. KET for Schools

Both versions have the same type of questions. The KET for schools test has content of interest to school-age learners.


The Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking sections each count for 25% of the marks.

You will receive a Statement of Results. If your performance ranges between CEFR Levels B1 and A1, you will also receive a certificate.
Pass with distinction (B1), Pass with Merit (A2), Pass (A2)

If you do not pass, but still do reasonably well you are issued an A1 certificate


A2 / B1 / elementary / low intermediate.
Click here to see a comparison of KET scores with other exams.

Click here to see further practice at A2 level.

When can I take the test?
Arrange with your closest test centre. You can do the test in two formats. Paper-based or Computer-based. The KET can be taken approximately once a month.

How much does it cost to take KET?
Fees are set by test centres. Expect to pay around €120 euros.

Difficulty level: B1 / low intermediate
The Preliminary English Test is one of the Cambridge English exams.

Who is it for?
Do this test if you want to know that you have an intermediate level of English. With this level of English you will enjoy holidays in English speaking countries. You should probably continue studying once you have passed the PET exam.

What is the PET test like?
The test has these sections:

  1. Reading Writing are taken together - 90 minutes
  2. Listening - 30 minutes
  3. Speaking - an interview, 10 minutes

There are two versions of the PET test:

  1. PET
  2. PET for Schools

Both versions have the same type of questions. The PET for schools test has content of interest to school-age learners.

Paper-based or computer-based exams
You can do the PET exam on a computer or on paper. The computer-based exam is available once a month. The paper-based exam is only available six times a year.

‘pass’, ‘pass with merit’, ‘narrow fail’, or ‘fail’

B1 / Alte 2 / low intermediate.

Con la titulación B2 First, demuestras ante el mundo que posees las destrezas lingüísticas necesarias para vivir y trabajar de manera independiente en un país angloparlante, así como, para estudiar cursos impartidos en inglés.

C1 Advanced es una de las titulaciónes de Cambridge English. Es nuestra titulación de alto nivel, que demuestra que tienes las destrezas lingüísticas que las empresas y las universidades están buscando.

<p>Mount Orange is proud to have in its community students, teachers, parents and helpers from a wide variety of different cultures. This course, open to anyone, showcases the diversity of our traditions, our language and our landscapes. Please join in:-)</p>

<p><span class="label label-default">Ages 8-adult</span></p>

This course explores Digital Literacy and its importance for teachers and students. The course is optimised for the mobile app. Please try it out!

Now you know your level, you can find lessons and resources to improve your English skills. Get further practice to boost your general English with our extended listening and reading materials. At any time, use the grammar and vocabulary sections to help and support your learning.

El objetivo de un estudiante de idiomas consiste en comunicarse en circunstancias concretas y auténticas de la vida, ya sea en el ámbito familiar, social y profesional.  Por consiguiente, sea cual sea el curso, el objetivo que perseguimos en nuestras clases es que el estudiante pueda actuar en ALEMAN.